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Fun News from Pug Notes ~ Fall 2018

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Pug Notes
Smile & Unleash Your Inner Pug
Hello me buddies!
It is me... Archie

Meet me NEW team members...

The Limited Edition Football Pug-Jama Bummlies!

They are buff, tough, and ready to "tackle" any snackies that come their way!
They would LOVE to join your team!

Time is limited to draft them!

Get yours before they are gone!
Be sure to check out all of the NEW Bummlies!
They cannot wait to meet you!
The Bummlie Family is expanding!

Come & meet them all in my Etsy Shop

They will make you SMILE everyday!

Dog Toys Stuffed with LOVE ~ No Fluff!

Each month features a different image that you can frame and enjoy!

All 12 months are shown below in a grid, but your wall calendar will feature 1 large image per month.
A Rainbow of Sweater Vests!
Check out all of the new colors to excite & delight you!

Avoid waiting for a custom order to be handmade...
Now is the time to shop The BEST selection of the year!
Here are just a few that are Ready To Ship Today!
I have these & several other Sweater Vests in my Etsy Shop that are ready to ship today!

If you do not see your favorite colors in your size...

Custom Sweater Vest orders are always welcome!

Remember you can personalize your style by adding badges to any Vest!

Sizing is easy!

No measurements needed!

All you need to know is the weight of your dog to choose the perfect size!

Please use the sizing chart below to choose the correct size for your dog:

XXS : 3-5 lbs (approx)
XS: 6 - 9 lbs (approx)
S : 12-18 lbs (approx)
M : 19-25 lbs (approx)
M+ : 26-35 lbs (approx)

The Sweater Vests are perfect for every season because they are not full length sweaters but instead they are shorter vests so that your dog can comfortably wear them indoors or out and can send pee mail to all their friends without getting themselves wet. 
Meet New Furiends!
Exciting News!
"Meet The Pugs" has grown to include all of our 4 footed babies!  Please email me your dog photos to feature in upcoming newsletters. 

Meet Bunk!     
Bunk loves showing his new BFF Sal ~ The Sloth Bummlie how to loaf in style!

You can follow his adventures at @bunkinbmore on IG!

Thank you everyone for always sharing your JOY with me & Archie!

Meet New Furiends from all over the world...
Too Cute Alert! 
Customer Bummlie Home Videos!
Spanky loves snoozing with his Spanky ~ The Blind Pug Bummlie
Video courtesy of @bodiespanky
Watch Scarlet blow kisses to her Pug Bummlie ~ Pearl!
Video courtesy of @realmeredithleblanc
Celebrating 21 Years of Pug Notes! 
A Big Thank You!

WOW! In a blink of a pug eye, Pug Notes is 21 years young & still going strong all because of you!
Thank you everyone for sharing your pugs, stories, joy & support all of these years!
It feels like yesterday that I picked up a tiny puppy named Emmitt from a small farm in Ft. Lupton, CO. I never knew how my life would be transformed through the love of a tiny, googly-eyed ball of fur. Read the full story of how Pug Notes came to be!
It is my joy to share my art with the world! The love you return means more to me than I could ever say! Thank you for always playing with me & Archie!
Archie & I would love to feature your pugs, stories and comments. Please email me anytime at

Thank You! 
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your wonderful emails, fun photos and your continued support and business. It makes my life an exciting journey which I love to share.

Melissa & Archie
Melissa Langer | Pug Notes by Melissa Langer | 1-888-661-8024 | |
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