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Why Am I Special?

The Activity Book

Written and Illustrated by Melissa Langer

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A Companion Workbook to Why Am I Special?

Your child will have fun learning and developing skills in reading comprehension through games and exercises using their imagination.

© 2006 Melissa Langer

  • Paperback
  • 8.5 x 11
  • Grades 1 - 3

Important:  The Activity Book is a supplement workbook to Why Am I Special?
To get the full impact of the lessons, it is also necessary to own the book.

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Why Am I Special?  Children's Book

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Why Am I Special?

Photo courtesy of Pat S., IL

Amanda, Matt and Maggie the Pug enjoying their new Story, Activity and Coloring Books. Pat S., Montgomery, IL

What People are Saying...

Hi Melissa - I finally got a good shot of Daisy with one of my students who was reading Emmitt's book... check out Daisy's blog entry 9/28/07. We had so much fun reading it and have been doing the workbook too.  It's perfect for my students and they LOVE reading a book about another pug!!!  I let him take the ABC book home to show his sister for the weekend because he liked it so much!   Big pug hugs from Switzerland, Lex & Daisy

Hi, Melissa. I just wanted you to know that my first graders absolutely loved your books, WHY AM I SPECIAL? and EMMITT & OLIVE. As a matter of fact, another teacher saw WHY AM I SPECIAL? in my classroom and asked to borrow it to read to a particular third grader who needed a little confidence boost. Then just today, I caught one of my first graders reading EMMITT & OLIVE during silent reading time. She got half way through today and asked for a sticky note to mark her place until tomorrow’s silent reading time when she plans to finish the story. You see, she was sick/absent on the day I’d read it to the class and had been very disappointed when she returned and found that she’d missed out. Luckily, she’s an advanced reader so she can read it independently. The children were mesmerized by the illustrations in both books. You did a wonderful job of capturing the dogs’ emotions in their faces! Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing your books. Roselyn M., RI

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